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Removing gravel from industrial roofs is an exhausting, long and expensive job if you do all the work by hand.

When renovating commercial and industrial roofs, it is necessary to remove and clean the gravel on the flat roof, so that you do not work manually for days, our company with many years of experience in installing and renovating flat roofs will solve the entire processing as soon as possible.

What are the industrial roof suction services in Chicago?

Industrial roof vacuuming in Chicago is a procedure of detailed removal of gravel, stones, sand and all dirt from your roof, whether it is the roof of an industrial building, the roof of an office building or the roof of a residential building.

With this vacuum solution, we are able to offer you not only roof cleaning, but also swimming pools and many flat surfaces that do not have access. This way you save both time and money. Industrial roof vacuuming services are novelties that save time, money and human labor.


Gravel suction process

Dry Vacuuming of Roofs

Wet vacuuming of roofs

Gravel Suction Process

Before each suction of gravel from the roof, our expert team goes to the field and determines with a detailed analysis which method of suction of gravel will be performed.

We carefully choose the place of installation, ie parking of our truck, in order to remove in advance all possible obstacles that must be avoided in order to clean the roof in the safest and shortest time. The safety of our employees as well as casual passengers is very important to us.

If you need to vacuum the roof, as well as remove ballast from a residential building, office roof or industrial roof, feel free to contact us, our representative office is located in Chicago, but we will be happy to respond to any request. You can contact us here.

If you are building a new roof or reconstructing an existing flat roof, you also need to remove gravel or stone whether it is dry or wet, our company can help you solve the problem.

The roof services we offer are:

  • Ballast removal
  • Dry vacuum cleaner in one pass
  • Wet vacuum cleaner
  • Ballast removal and re-ballast or “replacement”

Dry Vacuuming of Roofs

Dry vacuuming the roof or removing ballast is also the basis of our business. This vacuum system for removing ballast, gravel, is also the foundation of our service line. A vacuum ballast removal system has been installed next to the building. This system is connected to a special hose, ie a nozzle which is a combination of a hose and a PVC pipe. Be sure to secure the girder around the building and make a passage to safely remove all sand, gravel and stones from the roof surface.

We can remove the ballast wall from 1 to 4. In this way, the gravel and sand handling trolleys from the roof as well as the shovels become obsolete cleaning methods because they raise dust, labor costs are high, and the process of cleaning the entire roof takes a long time.

Advantages of roof vacuuming

  • The price of cleaning the roof is much cheaper
  • Labor costs are reduced
  • Dust does not rise when collecting gravel
  • Reconstruction of the roof can begin as soon as possible

Wet Vacuuming of Roofs

The wet vacuum process involves first vacuuming your loose material from the roof and then cleaning the residue with a high-pressure water jet. Such a roof is ready for gluing to the roof.

This type of wet vacuuming provides a dust-free space, removes deposits and disposes of all vacuumed material.

Advantages of vacuuming the roof with machine:

This way you will certainly save both time and money because the machine vacuums everything very quickly, whether it is vacuuming a dry or wet roof and thus allows you to save time, because if you did the same job manually, you would spend much longer and pay more.

We take and store gravel from the roof, which is another reason why you would opt for machine suction of ballast and gravel from the roof. You have no collection costs and additional waste disposal costs.

Reduce human costs when cleaning the roof, because less human labor is involved, and therefore more money stays in your pocket

About us

D Roof Vac was founded as a family company that has its roots in its business on decades of flat roof installations, as well as on reconstruction. We have recognized the effort of our workers in dismantling dilapidated flat roofs and therefore the new branch of our company Dynamic Exteriors 10 Inc. The quality of our work is also reflected in the cooperation with large umbrella companies, demolition and relocation companies throughout Ilinois and Chicago. We vacuum roofs quickly, meticulously and responsibly throughout Chicago as well as the surrounding area. Our team specializes in preparing roofs for reconstruction, removal of gravel, ballast and we try to eliminate as much as possible the difficult human work of lifting, loading and unloading with shovels and wheelcarts.


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